I am Levente Nadai, nice to meet you!


Just call me “Lete” when we meet offline or refer to me as “alienteavend” on your voyage in the online world.

I suppose you are here to know more about Yours truly. Let’s get to it then.

Who am I?

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer by trade. With a deep thirst for knowledge, I have a broad insight of modern technologies and solutions. I love to keep up with the trends, and try new things as they come up. On the other side, I always spend time to dig deeper in what I consider myself good, to gain more diverse experience in those specific fields.

Knowledge Hunter

I always crave the new and explore the unknown. Usually spending my free time working on projects or studying something new. I try to spread my desire for knowledge among young talents I meet. Teaching has always been a beloved activity for me. From programming, to mathematics, I tutored many youngsters in solo and groups.

Gamer & Creator

I am a gamer to the core. I have been playing competitive FPS games from the age of 13. With thousands of hours spent developing my motor skills, strategic thinking and tactical planning, I consider myself a valuable addition to any team. I also use this experience to boost my creativity that manifests in games, stories and sometimes pieces of art.

Recent Projects


Overwatchdojo - YouTube Overwatch Tutorials, Guides

Overwatchdojo is an educational YouTube channel about the game called Overwatch. A team of five is creating content, voice, graphics, and putting these together in small educational videos for the whole community.

I am the project manager, lead content writer, voice actor and social manager of the project. Overwatchdojo lets me sink time into activities that are different from my 9/5 trade.

Tesseract OCR

Screenshot Analyzer Tool For Overwatch

Overwatch’s custom games are not logger or registered in the online API. All custom competitive matches are played in custom mode though (scrims, ladders, cups). The software in production is using in-game screenshots (endgame statistic screens) to parse the textual data and put it into a simple .csv file. The file can be used for personal performance analysis by the players.

The project is in early development, source code will be released with the first stable build.

Bird Of The Rings - iOT for bird ringers

Bird Of the Rings is an iOT project that was made for the International Internet of Things Hackathon by Microsoft in 2016. Using iOT tools and machine learning, we developed a solution to help the bird ringers monitor and measure activity around the nets. The project won the 2nd place on the local competition. Check the website for more info.

The project is currently paused, but the team will get back to it as time permits.

AccessiPI logo

AccessiPI - Access control system for Raspberry PI

AccessiPI was my BsC thesis project. It is a simple access control system, written in C++, using Poco and Boost libraries. The end nodes are connecting to a central server for the user database. The nodes can be configured on demand for the actual physical control, like led lights or entry systems.

The project is property of ELTE, thus the code can not be released to the public.

What keeps me up at night?

Friends, Colleagues, Influencers, Idols

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.” - Old Japanese Proverb